Ask Ruslan! : Ask Here for Week of 1.29.17

Got a (short) technical question? Reply here during this week and Paradigma Software VP Ruslan Zasukhin will answer.

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    1. Yes, of course. If we weren’t in operation, why bother putting up a blog? 😉

      The site comeback is happening, but it isn’t happening nearly as fast we we’d like. We are looking at temporarily offering downloads and the docs on another site, just in case it drags out much longer.

  1. Dear Ruslan,

    My Env:
    macOS + Xojo Pro + V4RB

    I build my project for Linux (on macOS) and when I try to run on Linux Debian@VM I see error „missing library file …so.”.
    I think I should copy some files from Valentina DB „vcomponents” folder to build folder. Where can I find missing files for Linux on macOS.

    Thank you in advise.
    Best regards,
    Rafał Dombrowski

    1. If you have a free version, then you can request a new serial code. If you have the Pro version, then you can purchase the RENEW version through our online store.

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